Revelation Online is getting six Inner Demons to test your wit and strength

A challenging trial is coming to Revelation Online. The Inner Demons Trial tasks players with fighting demons that chose to manifest themselves with almost human-like traits, some of them filled with rage while others challenge your mind through trials of intelligence. This trial is for players of level 40 and above and is available every other sunday, allowing you to team up with 3-5 other players.

To participate, you need to head over to the Immortal Annex to collect “Demon Arrest Tokens”, where an NPC will give you 15 tokens daily, so you can try these trials 15 times a day. Four times a day, dimensional seals weaken across Nuanor and that is where six major inner demons are going to come through: Abstinence, Calm, Intelligence, Greed, Rage, and Idiocy, each one with its own special dungeon and boss fight.

If you think you can defeat these inner demons, you just have to play Revelation Online.


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