Revelation Online guild activities include slaying monsters and races

Revelation Online server merge

A new Revelation Online blog post goes into detail about the extra activities for your guild, such as the Basehunt event that can trigger anytime there are ten or more guild member in the guild base at the same time, doing their dailies. The more guild members are online at once, the more chances for the trigger to happen. When it happens, a boss will appear on the left side and after it is slain, one more will appear, in a total of four bosses.

Other activity involves slaying a treasure hoarding dragon, which can be summoned once a week as long as your guild reached Funland level 2. In the The Guild Merchant Run, you can live the dream of traveling the world delivering wares to merchants, just you, map in hand, and your trustworthy camel. With Guild Treasure Hunt you have to search for three pieces of fragments and piece them together, while Run Brother is a test of speed that is perfect for at least eight players, with a few variations such as carrying a treasure chest through checkpoints. The Shifty Dodgy weekly event can be found at the Funland area and tasks you with finding your matching pair, the one player that has the same icon over his head as you.

These are some of the fun Revelation Online guild activities that can distract you from the main story and also reward you with plenty of XP and treasure.

Revelation Online guild activities

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