Revelation Online housing system is all about giant turtles

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

Were you wondering if you could have your own house in Revelation Online? Well, do not fret, as has released a detailed post revealing everything you need to know about the housing system in NetEase's game. And guess what? It all comes in the back of a giant turtle!

The housing system becomes available when you reach level 40 and you're then free to buy your own property. These are in fact instances located in the inn on the back of the giant turtle. On the base floor of the inn is a large lounge where you can meet up with other house owners and on the other floors of the building will be the apartments, which can be fully decorated with over 160 different types of furniture in two very different themes. Some furniture can be crafted and other will show up as quest rewards. A few items are interactive, such as the couch, chairs, bathtub or closet, and you can give the key to your home to five of your friends, so they can port from anywhere in Nuanor and snoop around a bit. More items and divisions will come in the future, such as a garden, pets and even staff to help you out.

This Housing System will be available soon after the western version of Revelation Online goes into Open Beta. The Europe and North America closed beta is planned for fall 2016.


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