Revelation Online Iceborn update goes live today with guild vs guild action has just confirmed that the Revelation Online Iceborn update is now live for all players of this fantasy MMORPG. This update brings a Guild versus Guild tournament, a new icy battleground where you pick your side between the Ursids and the Wingars, and you can also expect some new challenges.

The full-scale Guild versus Guild tournament is the place for you to put your weapon where your mouth is, as you'll be able to compete against other guilds from Nuanor in group combat. Players of level 40 and above will also be able to go to Snowpine Peak and join one of the sides in a bitter faction war that doesn't seem to end. You can choose the feathered Wingar or the furry Ursids, but the result will always be the same – taking an active part on this battle. Apparently, other threats that are said not to be entirely of this world are also looming, so keep an eye out for that.

The Revelation Online Iceborn update follows on Stardust, which was another major content update and was released in April 12, 2017.


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