Revelation Online introduces the sad but cute raccoons Volopine

Cute, furry animals and MMOs have been a match for so many years, perhaps only beaten by the loli and MMOs match. However, today we'll be talking about the Volopine, a raccoon race that you can find in Revelation Online and that apparently just loves to party, play games, watch the fireworks, drink and eat – we would never have guessed just by looking at their big, sad eyes. They also remind us of a pug for some reason. Or a grumpy cat. Okay, we'll stop now.

To gain favor with the Volopine you have to assist them with requests on the taskboard in Emollion. You know, solving some chores and helping them with the daily festival. Yes, you read that right, daily. When you earn their favor you can buy valuables from Sunny Foxtail, including cooking materials, the pumpkin head ornament, and the wine jar/gourds cosmetic item.



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