Revelation Online introduces the hard-working Ursids

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

You've seen the world, learned about the housing system and its giant turtles, and now you'll get to know the Ursids, one of the races in Revelation Online. The Ursids are the “stewards of the mountainous forests of eastern Ausgyth”:

“The Ursids inhabit dense mountain forests, where they live in harmony with the spirits and other beings. Unlike the humans at the forest’s edge, the Ursids live ascetically, taking only what they need and nothing more. Whether they are busy catching fish or coppicing hardwoods, the Ursids never forget their sylvan provenance.”

Initially a peaceful race, the Ursids just love honey and with the trade boom, joined forces with other races to establish Bearwold and facilitate commerce. However, goblin traffickers and other unscrupulous types lured the Ursids with promises of unlimited honey and turned them into laborers, virtually slaves. Coupled with growing tensions with the Wingar rival tribe, the more far-sighted among the bear tribes are now starting to stand up for themselves.

You can read more about the Ursids on the official website.

Revelation Online enters closed beta in North America and Europe fall 2016. It should be free-to-play, but the business model is yet to be announced by


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