Revelation Online invites you to rest at the Hot Springs Inn

Revelation Online Eternal Chasm

It looks like you'll need to rest from time to time in Revelation Online, if you want to feel refreshed for your next adventures. And where could you do it? At the Hot Springs Inn, of course. revealed the lore from this location, where you can relax and upgrade easily. Apparently this is the place for players who re more casual or don't have as much time as others and want to level up faster, but it also acts as an important social place for you to chat with other players.

We're not sure what kind of “massive amount of XP” you can get at the Hot Springs Inn, but let's hope it's nothing that will make players flock to the place like crazy. Anyway, here is the poetic description of this paradisaical area, as well as a couple of images:

“At the Hot Springs Inn, the rich and peaceful music gives a feeling of serenity. The dense mist hangs over the pools to create an unbelievably relaxing atmosphere. The waterfalls help shape players like stones while also cleansing them of all their worldly filth. Fresh autumn leaves fall on the hot springs and create blooming ripples. Like a fine wine, the red creates a warming feeling.”

Yhere. Revelation Online is free-to-play and enters closed beta this fall. You can buy a founder's pack if you want early access to the game.




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