Revelation Online is changing with the New Sulan expansion

revelation online sulan expansion

Revelation Online just got its New Sulan expansion and this is a big one, as it features quite a few revamps and revisions. New Sulan brings new dungeon bosses, class mounts, housing options and more.

First of all, the Capital City Sulan was rebuilt. The new Sulan is described as a vibrant location that was improved both on its look and functionality. New buildings were added as well as new characters to interact with, turning the place into a more user-friendly and livelier city.

A lot of attention was given to the class choices, with the Vanguard, Occultist and Spiritshaper getting the most attention. Numerous changes were made to their abilities and statistics, and the expansion adds three free changes to complement the existing options, as well as new female model choices for the Assassin, Blademaster and Gunslinger classes. We also have to highlight the new mounts for each class, which look great as you can see in the teaser image below.

revelation online sulan expansion

Some dungeons and raids were revamped, streamlining the rewards and difficulty settings for the Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, Grand Bulwark, Tower of Pain, Mech Citadel, Altar of Swords and Eternal Chasm dungeons. Guilds now include expanded features, and housing benefits from an all-new furniture set called the Phoenix Feather set. There are other enhancements and additions brought to Revelation Online with the New Sulan expansion, such as new questlines and the removal of stamina restrictions to mounts and wings.

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