Revelation Online PvE trailer talks bosses, raids and dungeons

Revelation Online anniversary has released a new trailer for the martial arts MMORPG Revelation Online focusing on PvE, in particular the solo dungeons, raids and open world bosses.

If you want to go solo, you can enter the dungeons and test your skills against enemies and traps, but if you have a few friends you can try the 5-player dungeons which have up to five difficulty levels with each difficulty changing the rewards gained. Or you can enter the 10-player raids and see just how strong your guild is – if you complete a raid on hardcore and then try your might on the ultimate twenty-player version to earn great rewards.

As you explore the adventure of Revelation Online, you may earn the right to fight the six huge open world bosses who roam the land, with the reward being some epic loot.

Revelation Online enters closed beta this fall and the Skyforge publisher has confirmed that it will be free-to-play.

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