Revelation Online is selling a hot air balloon mount for $49

Revelation Online is selling an exclusive, Black Friday deal only hot air balloon mount for $48.99 / €44.99 with some discount for players who have already purchased one of the founder's packs. This is a three-person mount, so you can only imagine how much it would cost if they decide to sell the flying narwhal mount that carries 50 players simultaneously.

We swear that we double-checked our calendar to make sure it's not April Fools already! Even the official video of the flying balloon seems rushed, buggy and not even created in a proper ratio. But maybe we're being too harsh – would you consider buying this kind of mount just to be a part of an “exclusive” hot air balloon club?

The second Revelation Online closed beta begins this year, which is to say that it will happen in December.


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  • Za’muro

    nice, a price of a whole AAA game for a retarded mount

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  • ExRage

    Unfortunatly this is a generation of lazy gamers, who want to have things drop on their lap not earn them through gameplay, like it was in the past.The players give them confidence to sell stuff like that, but still taking into account the stage of the game, this is a crazy bold move imo.

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    • Za’muro

      indeed, i remember when i was playing mmos years ago(wow for example) there were millions of mounts dropping from dungeons,achievements,pvp rewards,quests, world rare mobs, world bosses… and even an insane amount from vendors. when i see someone with a rare mount i was shitting myself, now… meh this guy has paid 5 euro for that… you get the picture

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