Revelation Online shows its beautiful world in a new trailer

Revelation Online Uprising update

The highly anticipated Chinese MMORPG Revelation has a new trailer showing the varied and rich world of Nuanor, including some of its foes. and NetEase are going to bring this game to western territories with a closed beta planned for this fall, but no business model was revealed yet.

Here is the info on this interesting trailer, although it's not always visually stunning due to some lower textures here and there:

“Players will discover three massive cities and discover the unique inhabitants of Nuanor. Get a glimpse of the strongholds you can conquer with your guild, and see the bosses that lurk in the dungeons and the fierce ones that roam the world freely.”

The Revelation Online website was also revamped, so if you want to know more about the game and sign up for the beta, this is the way.


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