Revelation Online shows PvP in a new trailer

Revelation Online Uprising update

After taking us through PvE, is now showing the PvP in Revelation Online with a new trailer. There's open world PvP as soon as you reach level 40, when you're able to attack any player above this level. However, if your would-be opponent chooses not to fight back, you'll get some harsh penalties for your actions. If you're not a fan of open world PvP, you can also activate Peace mode, although players in Slaughter mode will still be able to cause you harm. PvP isn't available in all areas, as some regions have guards preventing it to happen so that you can rest. Finally, there's an island for the PvP-thirsty, where there are no penalties whatsoever.

PvP comes in the following formats:

– Arenas: an essential part of PvP and Revelation Online is no exception. Brawl for bragging rights in 3vs3 or last-man-standing arenas and be well rewarded with fame and powerful equipment that will aid you in battle.
– Battlegrounds: Fight enemy players in 10v10, 20v20, or 30v30 battlegrounds! From “Capture the flag” to “Warfare” – there is something for everyone.
– Guild Wars: Team up with your guild mates and fight opponent guilds in instanced areas. Get ready for 30vs30 or 50vs50 battles and soar up the leader board.

Revelation Online also features sieges, with players capable of holding a massive castle or smaller fortress getting to control the adjacent cities. But get ready for a though fight! With aerial combats you can capture territories up there in the sky.

Revelation Online enters closed beta late October and we're offering some beta keys here and here, so don't forget to participate!

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