Revelation Online shows its six non-gender locked classes

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

Short, sweet and to the point. That is how we describe the new Revelation trailer showing the six classes that are going to be available when the game launches in North America and Europe. These are the same classes that are currently available in the original China server, so it looks like western players won't be left far behind.

Without further delay, the six classes are: Gunslinger (Firearms, Ranged Damage), Vanguard (Melee Combat, Tank), Swordmage (Caster, Ranged Damage), Spiritshaper (Healer, Summoner), Occultist (Ranged Damage, Off-Healer) and Blademaster (Melee Damage, Off-Tank). There's no gender lock in this game, so rejoice!

Publisher, of Skyforge, Armored Warfare and World of Speed fame, still hasn't revealed the business model for Revelation Online, so let's hope they make the right choice (nudge nudge wink wink).

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