Revelation Online shows its wings and mounts in a new trailer

Revelation Online free Steam pack

Revelation Online is currently in its third English closed beta and now it's time for players to learn a bit more about the wings and mounts in a new trailer. A horse is the most normal mount you'll get to see in this video and the first one you'll get in this game, in Black, Brown or White colors. You can also see weird mechanical contraptions and see a glimpse of the narwhal, a flying mount capable of carrying up to 50 players at the same time. At level 69 you will gain access to your very own class mount which can carry multiple players with you.

Hey, whatever they decided to show, it can't be worse than that hot air balloon, right?

And then wings – mechanical wings, magical wings, you choose. There's plenty of them on offer. You gain access to your first set of wing at level 29 and at level 49 you'll be able to upgrade your wings which will change the look of them, and also give you some bonuses.

If you want to jump right into Revelation Online, you can do so by purchasing a Founder’s Pack.


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