Revelation Online details the Sunken Galleon scour dungeon

Revelation Online is coming to Steam

The latest topic covered on the official website of Revelation Online is the Sunken Galleon scour dungeon, one of the first you'll get to visit. This is a place of “danger, mystery and seaweed” but also of great rewards awaiting the intrepid adventurers. This huge pirate ship is said to have been decimated by a Kraken and its crew is now doomed to inhabit this place forever.

Besides having to fight the aquatic life that is finding a new home on the Sunken Galleon, players will have to fight said vicious pirate spirits who apparently never stray from their treasure, even in death. Besides the usual glittery treasure, you can also use the materials from this old wreckage to craft your own treasure such as HP recovery items.

Take a look at some of the Sunken Galleon vistas here, and if you still didn't begin your adventure in the world of Nuanor, you can sign up and play Revelation Online for free.

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