Revelation Online talks about the gear system has released a new blog post talking about the gear system in the upcoming free MMORPG Revelation Online. As expected, different types of gear and weapons are suited to different classes: Swordmages and Spiritshapers wear cloth clothing, Gunslingers and Occultists wear leather armor, Vanguards and Blademasters wear plate armor. Spiritshapers can deftly handle magic bells, and only Gunslingers can manage powerful sniper rifles.

Gear has 5 quality levels, represented by a color: gray, green, blue, violet and gold. The most valuable gear, gold, can be obtained for honor points, if your character has achieved the required PvP rank, or for Order of the Guardians' reputation points. Gear can also provide bonuses to any stats and parameters to your character, from five basic stats (strength, stamina, energy, agility, and intellect) and 33 secondary parameters (for example, chance to inflict critical damage, chance to dodge enemy attacks, resistance to physical damage).

You can read more about the gear system while you wait for the Revelation Online beta to begin late October. You can also try your luck at getting a Revelation Online beta key in our giveaways, if you haven't already.

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