Revelation Online talks PvE: group and solo content

Revelation Online Windswept Gauntlet

With the Revelation Online second closed beta coming soon, has talked about the group and solo content that players will find in PvE gameplay. If you still don't have a key for the upcoming closed beta, you can sign up here and hope for the best.

Starting with Dungeons and Raids, you can expect regular dungeons for five players (“a tank, healer and three characters”), which can be accessed by using the search engine or by approaching the portal. You can enter the first five-player dungeon after reaching level 20, you can choose from two difficulty levels and find two major bosses inside. Other dungeons will offer five difficulty levels (easy, hard, heroic, deadly and epic) but some of them can have as high as ten! A higher difficulty level also adds more obstacles and traps as well as extra abilities for the enemies.

Dungeons for raid groups of ten players are the most challenging, where a single mistake can thwart all your efforts. Of course, valuable equipment and rewards await those who succeed.

Those who want to join a team quickly can use the in-game random group selection system, which will automatically select a team suitable for you.

As for Solo Challenges, these are intended to improve your character anagement skills while gaining experience and useful rewards and can be found in the Trial of the Four Kings arena. As you improve, you earn access to tougher arenas. The 200 top players will be listed in the Global Skill Rating.

You can learn more about Revelation Online's PvE by reading the official post.

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