Revelation Online offers a tour of the magnificent city Sidus Ur

There are some impressive places to visit in Revelation Online and the magnificent city Sidus Ur is one of them. This central hub of “political, cultural and militant affairs” is actually well disguised, as it looks beautiful, even romantic. It's a safe zone where everyone keeps their weapons in their pants – well, except for slaying the occasional critter or two (dragonflies, frogs, flying carps…) inside the city walls, but other than that, there are no hostilities in there.

Of course, Sidus Ur has all the services that any adventurer needs to use regularly, such as an auction house, mail attendants, wing, mount and guild vendors, and more. If you're looking for some action you can always take part on a Pirate Quest every day, which ultimately tells you that Sidus Ur isn't exactly as safe as advertised.

And then there's that huge Wishing Tree, where legend says that if two people who love one another meet under the Wishing Tree they will receive its blessing, granting power every day. If only there was one like that in real life…

Anyway, Sidus Ur seems like a place for everyone to be – you can spend some leisure time and take care of your wares or you may prefer to get into some pirate fighting. There's a lot to see and do.

Revelation Online city Sidus Ur

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