Revelation Online Uprising update in September, Assassin class in November

Uprising update and NetEase have announced the Uprising update for the MMORPG Revelation Online. This update releases in September and raises the level cap to level 79. A new raid called Alter of Swords, the first top-tier raid dungeon in Revelation Online, will feature some very challenging bosses and three progressively difficult versions of the dungeon. This raid is for 5- or 10-players and the bosses are Gorthall's Manticore, Sword Animus, Arch Smelter, Frostblade Xior, Exiled Swordsmith and Reaper.

Besides the Uprising update, also revealed something that many Revelation Online players have been eagerly expecting: the Assassin class! This class is coming to the western Revelation Online servers in November, so you just have a few more months to wait. Take a gander at our experience with the Assassin class in the China version.

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