Revelation Online’s animated series airs in China later this month

Do you remember when we mentioned the existence of a Revelation Online animated movie a few months ago? It turns out it's an animated series and it's going to air in China starting April 26. You can watch the final teaser below, which didn't manage to make us change our mind about the so-so visuals, but hey, at least there's a Matrix-style scene and a man with serious twitching issues.

According to MMOCulture, the story goes something like this: There are two godly beings who are as close as siblings. However, one of them plunged into demonhood, going on a rampage destroying lives. The sister, having no choice, worked with other clans to seal him, but not before leaving a flaw in the seal due to their sibling relationship. A thousand years have since passed, and the evil is awakening…

Standard good versus evil stuff, really.

Revelation Online is in open beta since March 6 and if you still haven't tried it, you can sign up for free and give it a spin.

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