Riders of Icarus expansion Blight of Frost Keep is live

The Riders of Icarus Blight of Frost Keep expansion is out there and with it comes a new level cap of 35 and the new region of Parna’s Coast with new quests, new challenges, new dungeons and new familiars to tame. It includes the Cavern of the Veil, for Riders who are level 28 and above, and the Frost Keep, for Riders level 34 and above.

The Field Raid, a new open raid experience that is done in the open world instead of an instanced dungeon, has no restrictions but is recommended for level 32 and above, and with large scale PvP coming soon, you can already try the new guild alliance feature.

There is more to this update, as you can read on the patch notes. You can also watch the trailer below to see the main features and our very own Blight of Frost Keep preview video.

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