Riders of Icarus is about to get new PvP zone Exarahn Badlands

If you're playing Riders of Icarus and desperately wanted more PvP content, then rejoice – the new Exarahn Badlands zone brings just that. You do have to wait for late August, when this new content launches. This area is restricted to Riders level 28 or higher to ensure that only those that have had sufficient experience in battle may enter, and since there's no penalty in PvP, all players should be interested in giving it a try.

The Exarahn Badlands “is a world of eternal nightfall with a looming crimson moon”, which sounds pretty gloomy. Mounts found in this region include the Nightmare, a sort of black Pegasus Crow, and the most powerful ground mount, the Profane Apocalypse.

You can form Guild Alliances and declare war on other Alliances, and the Alliance to first reach 200 kills will win the war. But if you're not in a guild or are in a guild lower than rank 3 you can register for the Militia to experience PvP in Exarahn Badlands. Players who are part of a Militia are allies, and can converse with one another. Militia members can also purchase buffs that will help in battle.

Finally, the Manastone Battle is a PvP event that takes place once a week in the Exarahn Badlands and is essentially like capture the flag.

You can read more about the Exarahn Badlands here.


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