Riders of Icarus open beta begins July 6, Founder’s Packs revealed

Nexon has just revealed the open beta date for the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Riders of Icarus, originally known as Icarus Online – you should be able to play this game starting July 6, 2016. Or you can play it in the next closed beta phases by purchasing one of the three Founder's Packs, which are available until July 5 for $24.99, $42.99 or $89.99. You can check them out here in detail and their benefits, from open beta headstart to exclusive mounts and skins, among other things.

If you're interested in trying this game, definitely take a look at the new trailer below as it's one fine example of how these should be made and ticks all the necessary boxes – epic music, quality narration and engaging edition.

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