Riders of Icarus’ Ranger’s Fury update adds new class, regions and more

Riders of Icarus is getting a new update, Ranger's Fury on December 15 and if you register for the launch of the new Ranger class before December 9 with an account that includes a character that is level 15 or higher, you'll receive a free Ranger's Fury Launch Pack. As you may have perceived from the offer, this update brings the new Ranger class, perfect for those who are still dreaming of becoming Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

The agile Ranger isn't the only good thing coming with this update, though – the level cap will raise to level 50 and a new desert wasteland, the Cloying Wastes, makes its appearance and includes two new dungeons: The Temple of Sands and the Fortress of Sorrows. New familiars, mounts or pets, will be there for you to tame, including the rinoceros, Shakiba and Poyo.

Learn more about the Ranger's Fury update and get ready to play as it arrives on December 15.

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