RIFT’s July update brings Summerfest, dungeon veterans and more

There's a major update coming to Rift in July and considering that summertime is here, it's a good thing that it also brings the Summerfest back to Telara. This year sees the addition of many new rewards like artifact Piñatas and one of the most requested outfits, Alsbeth’s Raiment.

The update adds starter guilds, with new Rift players being automatically placed into one, something that is seen as the perfect launching point to help players. Dungeon Veterans are also a new thing, with players that complete a dungeon five times becoming a veteran of that dungeon and granting non-veterans a 15% currency, reputation, tokens, and experience earned in a dungeon. 64-Bit Performance is coming to Rift, with the 64-bit Alpha beginning in July and bringing significantly improved performance and even more stability.

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