Handheld toxicity: Riot and Tencent are working on League of Legends mobile

League of Legends mobile game

It's not by accident that we don't see adaptations of the most popular MOBA games on mobile. Sure, you have some interesting titles such as Vainglory, but it's not like League of Legends, Dota 2 or even SMITE seem like a great fit for mobile devices.

However, that isn't stopping Riot Games, it seems. The League of Legends creators, along with their Chinese overlords Tencent, are working on a mobile version of the popular MOBA game, according to what three sources with some insight told Reuters.

Apparently, Tencent made a pitch to Riot years ago, but the developer refused. Then, Tencent went its own way and developed Honour of Kings, a MOBA game that was a huge success in China, especially during 2015 and 2016. The western adaptation was called Arena of Valor and it failed to make an impression.

Reuters' sources said that League of Legends Mobile is being worked on for over a year, but a 2019 release is unlikely.

And now an interesting statement from one of the sources: “League of Legends is like the World Cup whereas Honour of Kings is just the Asia Cup.” So… yeah.

In another news, Riot Games is considering a second game but the MMORPG that was teased seems a long way off, if it's ever going to happen.

Riot Games is in the spotlight right now for all the wrong reasons. Over 150 Riot employees made a stand with a walkout to show their views on the sexist culture and forced arbitration.


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