Robocraft Royale free alpha test set to begin tomorrow

Robocraft Royale free alpha

In case you missed the announcement a while ago, it's the right time to remind you that Robocraft Royale is a thing and will be starting the free alpha test tomorrow, February 20. Be warned, however, that while developer Freejam wasn't sure about the business model during the announcement, now their mind is clear: “We decided to offer this first test of Robocraft Royale for free with the aim of having a more refined premium game with a one-time purchase price later.”

So, are you willing to pay for another Battle Royale game, but with robots? Try the alpha to make up your mind.

Robocraft Royale is in the works since last November and the alpha is “a very rough game, it’s an experiment with some key features missing.” However, it should be enough to give you a feel of the gameplay. Player feedback is of vital importance, so read a bit more about the alpha, including the system requirements, and get ready to enter the robot bashing arenas.


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