Rodinia War: Fiesta Online makers reveal MMORPG and Strategy mix

Rodinia War is the new free-to-play game from Ons On SOFT, makers of the unforgettable MMORPG Fiesta Online. The Korean studio is trying something different with Rodinia War by mixing MMORPG and strategy elements, tasking players with building cities and expanding their empires by conquering and ransacking other players’ cities and empires in a 3D world. Players will have to attract and develop heroes of one of five knight classes to help them in war or to keep their cities safe. It's a seamless mix of 2D strategy and 3D action that can be played both in a browser and as a download client.

The first closed beta for Rodinia War is set to begin May 7, 2015 and interested players have to sign up at the official website. Although the game looks dated from a visual standpoint, as you can see in the trailer below, the genre mix hopefully will be compelling enough to captivate players.


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