When does Rogue Company become free to play?

When does rogue company become free to play

Some of you are already enjoying Hi-Rez Studios' new shooter Rogue Company. However, not everyone already has access to the game, despite it being labeled as free to play. The issue here is that as it happens with many games, there's an Early Access or closed beta phase that is only available to those who purchase a Founder's Pack. It's paid Early Access, to make it clear, so unless you bought a pack or managed to grab a key via giveaway, Twitch drop, or through the game's mailing list, you can't play Rogue Company just yet. So, the question that begs here is when does Rogue Company become free to play?

When is the Rogue Company free to play release?

When is the Rogue Company free to play release

Hi-Rez is yet to confirm the Rogue Company free to play release date, but we know that it is coming during 2020. The studio has mentioned this year for the official launch – that info is present in the Epic Games Store page, for example; however, there is no specific time frame for the release.

At this time of Early Access, we can only speculate on a Rogue Company official release date. The closed beta test is probably going to run for a few weeks, eventually a couple of months, and then the game servers will be shut down so that the devs can safely work on patches and optimization. This will be followed by an open beta, unless First Watch Games and Hi-Rez decide that the shooter can skip this phase and go straight to full launch. That would be unlikely, though.

Rogue Company is getting a warm reception from players who are participating in Early Access. The fact that it supports cross-platform play since day one is a big plus, meaning that players from PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are able to play together, no matter their platform of choice. The third-person perspective also makes for a nice change from the traditional first-person view, lending the game a more balanced mix of action and tactical shooting.

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