Rumor: is Need For Speed Edge a new F2P racing MMO?

World of Speed Early Access

Is Electronic Arts working on a new Need For Speed MMO, after the fresh decision to shut down Need For Speed World? It could be happening, if we trust this topic on the official EA Forums.

While it's no more than speculation, it's certain that this isn't the Need For Speed reboot that is scheduled to launch November 3, 2015. What gives some credibility to this rumor is the existence of a Korean news post that mentions the game and how publisher Nexon (known for its free-to-play games) is going to publish it exclusively in Korea. Other bits of info mention that the game is in development by Spearhead, previously EA Seoul Studio, and the engine is Frostbite 3.

It's too soon to make anything out of this, but there's also a logo that you can see below and it's not strange at all to see a new Need For Speed launch exclusively in Korea – Need For Speed World began service with a limited beta testing only in Taiwan in 2009, while the trend for Asia exclusives is only growing stronger. To name just a few, there's Monster Hunter Online, Call of Duty Online, Borderlands Online, Civilization Online, Dragon's Dogma Online, and we can also throw Halo Online in the mix just for the sake of it.



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