Russia 2055 is a sci-fi shooter with ties to Hideo Kojima?

Russia 2055 Invictus Volition Hideo Kojima

It's time to put your tin foil hat as we are going to talk about Russia 2055. This multiplayer shooter was recently announced and just had its second trailer released a couple of days ago.

Developed for PC with Unreal Engine 4 by a virtually unknown studio called Invictus Volition, Russia 2055's communication is often written as if it was the work of a single person. For example, the new trailer has the following description: “Still in early pre-alpha, but thankful to have made it this far! Your kind words have pushed me past my potential!”

So, it could be the work of a sole developer, but it looks way too promising with its gritty visuals, mechs and alien menaces.

And now for the odd part: Hideo Kojima himself has retweeted the first trailer back in October 2018. Sounds somewhat fishy for a new and unknown developer, right? Obviously, this led to swift reactions from a community that believes this is in fact a Hideo Kojima stunt that could be tied to Death Stranding. Kojima isn't new to this kind of marketing, as he did the same in 2012 for The Phantom Pain with Moby Dick Studio.

Could Russia 2055 be a multiplayer mode or some sort of prologue, as Ground Zeroes was to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

The free Russia 2055 closed beta is planned for early 2019 and Invictus Volition is promising access to Twitter followers. The studio doesn't seem to have an official website, only Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Funny enough, Battlestate Games' shooter Escape From Tarkov is part of a game universe called Russia 2028. This probably isn't related, but we thought we should leave it here.

What do you make of this? Are fans overreaching or is Russia 2055 really tied to Kojima or other big developer?


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