SamuTale is a F2P open world sandbox MMORPG with samurais

SamuTale is this little indie MMORPG that has been evading us for a while. In development since 2013 by MapleMedia, SamuTale is a free-to-play open world sandbox MMORPG with a lot of features that should be part of any MMORPG checklist: village building, classless character system, player housing, survival, farming & livestock, full-loot PVP, realtime Tree and Plant growing, crafting and more. Peter Molyneux would certainly approve of the tree growing, especially if it involves acorns growing into oak trees.

Anyway, SamuTale is accepting alpha sign-ups and while there's no date yet, news pointed to early 2016. You can watch the latest development diary below.


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