Watch the first gameplay from sandbox MMORPG Seconds From Silence

Seconds From Silence

We missed it at first, but now we are making amends by sharing the first Seconds from Silence gameplay footage with you. This game is being developed by Abstract Era Entertainment and promises many ambitious features, as we have reported a few weeks ago.

The sandbox MMORPG Seconds from Silence trailer highlights some of the most important features from the game. Built on the Unreal Engine 4, this MMORPG includes character customization for eight races: Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, Demons, Goblins, Angels and Skinwalkers. There is no mention of gender lock and considering the options in display, I doubt that you won't be able to choose from male or female.

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Next up is the exploration of a massive world comprised of continents, islands, mountains, canyons, deserts and more. I have to say that the forests look amazing – there is this photo-realistic look to the vegetation and the trees that isn't entirely convincing because the character model is expressionless at this stage.

Building is a huge part of Seconds from Silence. There is nothing like destroying a beautiful nature sight with man-made cabin. You have other options that will surely require a lot more effort to use: ships, forts, castles, villages and more. You can lay stones, floors, walls, doors and everything that you require to create a convincing lair. 

Your enemies include different races as well. From vampires to giants, trolls, undead or even dragons, this is a familiar medieval fantasy setting that should have plenty of challenging foes. The combat system seems action-based and tactical, with blocking, sidestepping and other tactics. This area clearly needs work but the potential is there.

The rest of the Seconds from Silence trailer mentions ruling your subjects and the upcoming alpha testing phase. Sign-ups are already open at the official website and the alpha is expected to begin in August 2019. Considering that the sandbox MMORPG Seconds from Silence is drawing inspiration from The Witcher and The Elder Scrolls series, let's hope that the developers can realize the full potential of this game.


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