Sci-fi sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation launches Q4 2015

Above and Beyond Technologies have revealed the launch date for the ambitious sci-fi sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation – this game will launch on Q4 2015. While currently on Steam Early Access, The Repopulation is going to be feature complete this summer and free-to-play at launch.

The recently released build 15.4.1 has added a host of new features, including a graphical update to Freedomtown, combat improvements, a new dungeon and multiple minigames.

The Repopulation is in development for over five years and is a very ambitious MMORPG that tries to get the best of classic MMOs such as Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online, and ultimately resulting in an original and sprawling open world game. There are no character classes or leveling, something that is designed to diminish the grind factor seen in most MMO games, but there will be over 75 separate skills, each with 12 tiers, allowing for a deep character customization. One of the highlights is the ability to build not just a house, but entire nations in great detail, which can be inhabited by other players, NPCs and if the citizens aren't careful, enemy players and mob.

Here is the latest The Repopulation alpha teaser.


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