Lost Ark is days away from new site and second beta details

second Lost Ark closed beta

Smilegate is ready to make the final push for the second Lost Ark closed beta. Right now, the new website is showing a countdown with three days to the reveal and the sign-ups will open on August 25, according to this announcement. It's pretty much a given that the second Lost Ark closed beta schedule will also be revealed this Friday.

Here is what the second closed beta brings, as said by Lost Ark Database:

• Sailing with 6 types of ships, overall 12 ships (due to color variations)
• You can hire crew members (NPCs) to come along with you on your ocean journeys (a total of 41 premade unique sailors to choose from each with their own skills and attitude)
• Expected level cap is 35 or 40, this means new storyline quests and more areas to explore
• New available classes: Summoner, Arcana, Destroyer
• Destroyer uses Gravity core as the resource of his power and deals massive blows to the enemy with his two-handed Hammer
• Summoner uses Ancient spirits as her resource and uses a Staff as weapon to summon spirits and use elemental magic
• Arcana uses Deck points as her resource and uses Tarot Cards as her weapon, this class is really interesting because of the RNG system implemented in her play style
• Not confirmed, but we may see some of these: Player Trading, Auction House, Guild System…

You can hear a new background music below, this time related to ocean and sailing.


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