MapleStory 2 begins second beta tomorrow, here’s what’s new

second MapleStory 2 closed beta

Tomorrow, July 18, 2018 is the big day; the day when the second MapleStory 2 closed beta goes live. If you haven't been following our coverage, there is some catching up to do.

First of all, you can already pre-download the MapleStory 2 client and get ready for the big launch tomorrow. The beta runs for two weeks and here are the exact times:

• PDT (UTC -7): 10:00 AM July 18th – 10:00 AM August 1st
• EDT (UTC -4): 1:00 PM July 18th – 1:00 PM August 1st
• BRT (UTC -3): 2:00 PM July 18th – 2:00 PM August 1st
• CEST (UTC +2): 7:00 PM July 18th – 7:00 PM August 1st
• AEST (UTC +10): 3:00 AM July 19th – 3:00 AM August 2nd

The Mushking Royale is a new addition in this closed beta and is MapleStory 2's twist on the oh-so-popular Battle Royale mode. However, it should only be up for a weekend, and you can consult the times below:

• PDT (UTC -7): 10:00 AM July 20th – 10:00 AM July 23rd
• EDT (UTC -4): 1:00 PM July 20th – 1:00 PM July 23rd
• BRT (UTC -3): 2:00 PM July 20th – 2:00 PM July 23rd
• CEST (UTC +2): 7:00 PM July 20th – 7:00 PM July 23rd
• AEST (UTC +10): 3:00 AM July 21st – 3:00 AM July 24th

MapleStory 2 Founder's Packs are now live and they bring unicorns and poop. A match made in heaven.

And now some other details for the beta. The level cap is set at 50, the maximum enchanting level is 15, there is going to be a wipe after the beta so that everyone gets an even starting foot for the official release (could this mean that there won't be an open beta?), and some elements such as housing blocks and UGC templates are completely free for this beta only.

Are you going to play MapleStory 2?

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