Seconds from Silence alpha testing begins with character creation pillar

Seconds from Silence alpha testing

The Seconds from Silence alpha testing is now underway, or at least the first pillar of testing. This character creation pillar is only available to donors or players who were randomly selected to be a part of the test.

The first week of the character creation testing focuses on the Dwarven race, with models, textures, customization, and more. Players will decide if the Dwarves look good in their current state or if features such as skin textures and models need to be improved. The following week will put the spotlight on the Angel race while the team uses player feedback to improve the Dwarves. Next week, another race enters testing and the process will continue until all races were examined and the general alpha testing phases begin.

The Seconds from Silence alpha testing is comprised of four pillars: Character Creation, Combat, Building, and Ruling. This is an Unreal Engine 4 powered sandbox MMORPG that fully embraces modding, an ambitious goal that could either make or break Abstract Era Entertainment's game.

Watch the first and only Seconds from Silence gameplay video below.


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