Seconds from Silence is a moddable MMORPG, sign-ups opening soon

Seconds from Silence MMORPG

Unlike most MMORPGs, Seconds from Silence is a game that embraces mods and in fact encourages you to do so.

The world in Seconds from Silence is described as “large and full of wonders”, a place where you can build or find player built camps, castles, towns, caverns, dungeons and more. Sounds like a very ambitious MMORPG that is trying to do what EverQuest Next failed to deliver, with its player-focused sandbox game world. Seconds of Silence is powered by Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games' acclaimed engine that is used to develop anything from medieval MMORPGs such as this one, to popular cartoon online shooters called… er… the name eludes me, maybe you have heard about it before.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

Developer Abstract Era Entertainment says that combat in Seconds from Silence is inspired by Elder Scrolls and Witcher series games, which is quite a bold statement considering that these are two of the references – if not the references – when it comes to role-playing games.

Mounts are a part of Seconds from Silence, with horses being the most common means of transportation. However, you can tame and ride other creatures such as a Giant Hawk or the mighty Wyverns – flying mounts for the daring adventurers.

But this is all fine and well if you don't have a proper gameplay trailer to judge a game. That will change soon, with the upcoming Seconds from Silence alpha test.

Sign-ups for the alpha testing will open on July 19 at 9:00 am Pacific time. However, it comes with an interesting twist – the game is being developed based on four core pillars: Character Creation, Combat, Building and Ruling. Players will be able to sign up for one pillar, or all pillars, and the lucky few will be randomly selected. Alpha testing is expected to begin in August and you can read more about the details at the official website.

Seconds from Silence is currently planned to be a free-to-play  game with a premium membership option – if you sign up now you get three months of free premium when the game launches.

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