Secret World Legends closed beta has already begun

Secret World Legends

Do you recall the news where Funcom confirmed that Secret World Legends was going to enter closed beta this spring? Well, as it happens that was closer than we thought it was, as the Secret World revamp is now a couple of days already in closed beta, it seems. If you're one of the few that received an invite, congratulations are in order as these were very limited, with the next wave being sent today and more and more keys being sent regularly. Don't think about spilling the beans right away though, as there's an NDA ordering you to keep your mouth shut for now.

As for those who own The Secret World (you have to create a new character for Secret World Legends just as all new players), you have a nice bonus, according to Massively OP: you will be granted free unlocks of all the basic weapons of the game. They also have an interview talking about many of the changes coming with this reboot and we definitely recommend you to give it a read to learn about things such as the revamped combat, which is now more action-based and with the previous ability wheel replaced by a weapon page.

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