Funcom announces Secret World Legends delay… on Steam

Secret World tv series

Funcom's Secret World Legends is coming soon, with the June 26 launch date approaching fast, but if you only live and play according to the church of Gabe, then you should know that you have to wait a bit longer than usual. A Secret World Legends delay for Steam was revealed during Funcom's First Quarter Financial Report for 2017, pushing the release to July 31, 2017.

Oddly enough, Funcom cites “crowded market conditions with multiple MMO releases in May/June on Steam” as the reason for this delay, which… well, either they know something we don't, or they're overreacting about the “multiple MMO releases” bit. They mention their biggest competitors as being Black Desert Online's Steam release and the expansions for Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV, but Secret World Legends seems to us like a big name, good enough to rub shoulders with its competition, especially considering that none of the aforementioned games is free-to-play.

Secret World Legends is currently in closed beta and while the studio predicts that it will appeal mostly to newcomers, they want to make sure that veterans also want to continue playing. Finally, the monetization mechanisms of the game may be tweaked during the months after launch, as free-to-play is always a bit uncertain.


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