Secret World Legends Specialties videos show pistols and thermotics

Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends is nearing its planned June 26 release and Funcom has just started a new series of short videos detailing some of the characters specialties in combat. The first was the Pistols specialty known as Chamber Roulette.

With Chamber Roulette, essentially players will be able to deal some extra damage by spinning the pistol's chambers – if the chambers align, then you'll deal the extra damage, with the damage bonus increasing based on the rarity of the match (white is common, blue is uncommon and red is rare). Some players aren't exactly thrilled with this system, mentioning RNG, while others are pleased with the extra layer that it adds to combat.

The second spotlight video shown so far covers the thermotics. It's all about the heat level that is increased with fire or lightning abilities, and how all elemental abilities deal more damage as this heat level increases. However, if you overheat you won't be able to use those abilities for a short while until it cools down, or you can use cold-based abilities to regulate the temperature faster. Not a bad little idea, we think.


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