The Secret World is relaunching this Spring as Secret World Legends, it’s free-to-play

Secret World Legends

The promised relaunch of The Secret World is coming this Spring and Funcom has just spilled the beans about it – it's not just the same game in new clothes, it's quite a bit more than that, in fact. Now titled Secret World Legends and ditching the MMORPG label – the studio now calls it a “shared-world action RPG” probably due to the current fatigue of the MMORPG genre -, this game comes with a completely revamped combat system, a newly designed progression system, and updated visuals. It's over 100 hours of storytelling and mature themes.

Secret World Legends is free-to-play and future content will be free as well. New players and returning players alike have to create a new character, with the older version (The Secret World) still available to play separately, but no new content will be made – Secret World Legends will get the new content exclusively.

Secret World Legends will relaunch with the original eight adventure playfields, scenarios, and dungeons available and after the relaunch more content will come: Tokyo, Nightmare Dungeons, Raids and the rest of the content from The Secret World.

You can sign up for the Secret World Legends beta right now and to know all – and we do mean ALL – about this relaunch you should read the official FAQ. Well, all but the official launch date, but it's certainly going to release during the coming weeks.

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