SEGA Japan abandons Closers Online and HappyTuk picks it up

SEGA seems to be having plenty of second thoughts when it comes to anime action RPGs. First it was SoulWorker for SEGA Korea, which was ditched and quickly snagged by Smilegate, and now it's Closers Online. Published by SEGA Japan, it is no more and the service is being transferred to HappyTuk Taiwan.

The good news is that the migration will keep all the player data, so your progress won't be lost in case you're playing this one.

SEGA also made a comment on the status of the western version of Phantasy Star Online 2, saying that… nah, we can't do this with a straight face, PSO2 NA and EU is pretty much dead and buried, despite SEGA not saying a word about it for years.

Closers Online, on the other hand, still doesn't have an English release planned, despite some rumors that never materialized.

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