Shadow Arena final closed beta test date revealed

Shadow Arena final closed beta

Pearl Abyss has revealed the Shadow Arena final closed beta test date. The arena fighter will be available in the North American, European, and Asian servers starting April 17, and running until April 19.

The new stage is going to include an enhanced matching system and the character balance was revised. Furthermore, you can expect normal and AI match modes. The normal mode isn't going to count for your player ranking, being designed for stress-free gameplay. As for the AI mode, it is aimed at new players who want to learn the intricacies of the game against computer-controlled opponents, although skilled players can also use it to practice their combos and strategies.

Players who have signed up for previous betas will get a premium beta key and exclusive in-game rewards. We'll run a giveaway shortly where you can grab a key that comes with a special package filled with cool in-game items.

Sign up for the Shadow Arena beta at the official website.

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