Shaiya Wars beta begins, first gameplay video is… well…

Shaiya Wars has just entered closed beta in South Korea, Nexon has announced. This PvP-focused game was recently announced and it completely strays from the original Shaiya MMORPG, using anime visuals and massive 100 vs. 100 battles being the core of the gameplay. The official website is here.

The two first Shaiya Wars trailers were released and while the first is a short cinematic that won't set the world on fire, quite on the contrary, the gameplay video is a major disappointment. It's not just that the maps look extremely simple – the Banishment of Ice Dragon arena even has the potential to hurt your eyes -, the visuals are incredibly subpar and look like they could come out of an average mobile game. Even the interface looks drab and this all makes Shaiya Wars look like a game from 2005. Of course, this is the bit where we say that it's just in closed beta and things could improve, but it's unlikely that it will drastically change in the meantime.

Give it a look for yourself and let us know what you think.


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