Shards of War: new sci-fi MOBA announced

Shards of War is an upcoming science-fiction based free-to-play MOBA game from Bigpoint and at first it looks a bit like other game from the giant publisher, Merc Elite. However, Shards of War takes the lasergun, devastated world, robots approach to the setting, something that is original as MOBA games are concerned – of a sudden we remember XAM Online and not much else.

The story goes on about scientists finding a way to open gates to parallel worlds, the so-called shards, proof that alternate versions of earth are a reality. However, this new discovery plunged humanity into chaos and turned the different realities against each other, starting a new age of conflict like we've never seen before. In this time of war, warriors known as Sentinels rise from each reality to battle, either to defend their world or to conquer others.Sounds interesting to us.

Shards of War features the usual 5v5 PvP gameplay with WASD controls. Matches can last around 20 minutes and at launch the game will offer ten sentinels with cool, aggressive names – Flatline, Bulwark, Valkyrie, Vulcan, Rhino, Blitz, Striker, Gemini, Cobra, and Warhead – and expertise: attack, support or tank. The game includes a loadout system where players may select their favorite items from an item pool before the battles begin.

The beta phase is expected to begin soon and you can already sign up at the official Shards of War website. Watch the announcement trailer below.

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