Sick of violence? Have some harmless shooting fun with Battle Splash

Battle Splash open beta

You love shooting other people but just can't stand violence? Then we have great news! Battle Splash is the game for you, as it is a shooter and the most that happens to your enemies is becoming wet and soaked. You play in third-person as an anime girl from the four classes available, each with different traits and stats, as well as special items. You can also equip a set of 4 weapons with no restriction and there are several game modes planned. Similar to League of Maidens and the popular Senran Kagura series, you will only be able to pick from female characters for now, but we're guessing other characters – male, robotic… – will be added later. Battle Splash will include modding tools, so if you want to go all perv, you can put the anime girls in bikinis, to say the least.

Battle Splash is in development for over four years and is the work of indie Dranya Studio. However, you should know that Vietnamese creator, designer and programmer Mai Nguyen Binh Hung is behind all the work, without a budget whatsoever. You can download the White Summer alpha for free and support the developer with a contribution of your choice. Furthermore, you can support continued development by contributing on Patreon. The alpha includes two large battlefields: Medieval Town and Medieval Citadel. All four characters and weapons (water guns, water balloons and so on) are available from the get-go, they aren't locked, at least for now.

The shooter mechanics in Battle Splash take inspiration from classics such as Doom, Quake and Team Fortress 2. It includes LAN and online multiplayer up to 32 players, but there's a single player mode and co-op mode against AI bots. The game is said to cater for casual players and hardcore gamers, and is designed with eSports focus, providing simple but balanced and strategic gameplay.

Future plans include taking Battle Splash to Steam, but we have no confirmation on the business model yet.


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