Sky: Children of the Light Android release is live

Sky: Children of the Light Android release is live

With nearly a year of delay, the Sky: Children of the Light Android release is live. The official release took place on April 7, 2020, putting an end to the exasperating wait. Android users around the world are finally able to enjoy this award-winning game, which is available for iPhone since July 2019.

The initial Sky download is a little over 100MB, but additional resources such as audio more than double that size. Still, it's a small size compared to many current mobile games and a completely acceptable price to pay for such a high-quality game – or should we say “price,” because Sky is entirely free to download and play.

For those who haven't been paying attention, Sky is the new game from thatgamecompany, makers of the acclaimed Journey. While Sky retains the magical atmosphere from the previous work, it increases the social aspect, offering a richer cooperative experience for players of all ages. It's fun, whimsical, surprising, and delightful in every regard.

If you like original and magical games, you owe yourself to download and play Sky: Children of the Light.

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