Sky Children of the Light PS4 and Switch versions revealed with crossplay

Sky Children of the Light PS4

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest hit from the makers of Journey, thatgamecompany. Released in July 2019 on iOS devices, this magical online adventure stunned players worldwide… or at least those that were able to play it. The initial announcement promised a release on Android, iOS, PC, and consoles, but there is a clear delay going on, and we didn't really know which consoles were being targeted. Now we know that there are Sky Children of the Light PS4 and Switch versions in development, but no sign of an Xbox One release so far.

The reveal was made by Jenova Chen, the co-founder of thatgamecompany, to MCV (via VG247). Confirmation of a release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch came within the following sentence:

“[O]ur game runs on iPad, on PC, it will run on console in the future. Android within a month. In the future, it’s going to cross all platforms. And whether you have PlayStation or Switch we will support crossplay.”

It's worth noting that this statement was published on November 28, 2019, which means that it is nearly two months old. Thus, the promise of an Android version “within a month” has once again backfired, because that version is yet to be released. We believe that it will be the next to arrive, either simultaneously or closely followed by the PC version. The Sky Children of the Light PS4 and Switch versions are probably going to be released by late 2020, if they even manage to make it this year.

However, it's good to know that this wonderful game will be within reach of a larger crowd, and cross-platform play is only going to make it better, as this is a game about companionship. Now we only have to wait for it to be available in something other than iOS devices.


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