Sky: Children of the Light wins iPhone Game of the Year award

Sky: Children of the Light game of the year

That Sky: Children of the Light is a commendable achievement is no surprise to anyone with a minimum of video game knowledge. So it makes a lot of sense to see Thatgamecompany's latest earning a few accolades where and there.

One of the first comes from the App Store, where Apple decided to award Sky: Children of the Light the Apple iPhone Game of the Year award. Released in July 2019 on iOS devices, Sky has confirmed the assumptions that it would be another magical adventure from the makers of Journey. In fact, we can't shake the fact that it feels like an actual evolution of Journey, expanding on the co-op mode by allowing a few more friends to work together in a fantastic tale. The power of friendship indeed.

The downside of this – yes, there is a downside – is that the Android version is yet to release. Previously planned for late September or early October, Android users are twiddling their fingers and looking at that pre-register button on the Play Store, waiting for the game to drop. It hurts really bad, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Check the new Sky trailer below, introducing the Season of Belonging and the new spectacular areas that it brings.

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